World Wide Panorama

Since 2004 I have been contributing regularly to the fantastic World Wide Panorama project. On average four times a year photographers from all over the world take a panorama picture to document life on our blue planet at that moment of time.

wwp304: The Original WWP
March 2004 – Original World Wide Panorama Event
wwp604: World Heritage
June 2004 – World Heritage – Lessons from history
wwp904: Bridges
September, 2004 – Bridges – Pont de Brotonne
wwp1204: Sanctuary
December, 2004 – Sanctuary – The Green Cathedral
wwp905: Energy
September, 2005 – Energy – Flevocentrale
wwp606: Gardens
June, 2006 – Gardens – Flevotuin
wwp607: Community
June, 2007 – Community – Normandsdalen

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