Old town Hannover

Not far from Hannover (Germany, Lower Saxony) we have been renovating a farm since 2011 but only found time this summer to actually visit Hannover for the first time since then. Some impressions of the old town of Hannover are now available as new shoot on Stocksy. As more than 90% of the city center was destroyed during World War II there were unfortunately just a few streets with traditional old half-timbered buildings and a few monuments like the old and new town hall to take photos of.

Gables of half-timbered houses

Old town Hannover shoot at Stocksy

Advanced image search on Stocksy

Last week Stocksy released an advanced image search that allows visitors looking for stock photos to narrow down the search results with filters and sort them according to four different sorting options.


Filter options

On the left side on the search results page we can find the filter options. A filter option that is not available for the current search result is grayed out.

Global options

The filters on the left start with two global options – ‘Safe search’ and ‘No people’. When ‘Safe search’ is selected, the search result will exclude images with mature content like nudity. If you are looking for landscape, wildlife or still life stock photos without people, click on the ‘No people’ button. These two options will be remembered.

Format options

Next is the format filter that allows you to choose between tall, wide, square and panorama format. As with all filter options, multiple selections are possible, so you could narrow down the search result to tall and square photos.

Distance options

For distance there are 4 icons representing long/wide, medium, close and macro distance of the main subject.

People options

If the search result includes photos with people, it is possible to narrow down the result by gender as well as the amount of visible people.

Age options

The age filter makes it possible to limit the results to one or more age groups. If the options are not directly visible, click on the + icon.

Ethnicity options

With the ethnicity filter it is possible to find photos with models of a certain ethnic group.

Location options

The last filter makes it possible to find photos by shoot region by selecting one or more countries from a list.