Cooking for Valentine’s

In stock photography seasons are not what they used to be. In the summer we were baking Christmas cookies and over Christmas we were cooking for Valentine’s Day. Advertisement campaigns and print publications are being prepared months ahead. While we are enjoying our winter, many people are already working on summer and fall themes. On the other hand there is digital online publishing, which is almost happening in real-time.
Finding new props has been an issue for us. After Christmas you can get Christmas props for discount prices but no-one is selling things for Valentine’s Day or Easter yet. And as a food photographer it is difficult to get the right ingredients for seasonal meals, especially since we try to shoot using our own fresh and organically grown food. Since stock photos are on the market for many years it is not really a big deal and to stay authentic, we basically just take the photos when the time is right. Don’t think we will be making Christmas cookies again in the summer this year and if you are looking for Valentine’s Day photos, maybe we have something for you:

More of our photos for Valentine’s Day on Stocksy.

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