Four seasons in the garden

Next to our recipes we also photograph our organic vegetable garden throughout the seasons. For many years we had an allotment garden in the city and now we have a large farm garden in Germany.


The garden year is defined by the seasons, starting with seeding in Spring and early crops like rhubarb. It is always such a pleasure to see the garden awakening and getting green again after a long winter.

8 days old fava bean plants being prepared for the allotment garden Baby rhubarb


When the summer starts we can enjoy fresh strawberries and plant vegetables like zucchini. During the summer it is a permanent mix of maintaining the garden, harvesting various fruits and vegetables, and planting fall and winter vegetables.

Fresh strawberries Broccoli


As the summer ends, the activities in the garden are slowing down. It is now time to harvest fruits like apples and pears, collect walnuts, harvest squash and prepare the garden for the winter. In the garden we still have some fall and winter vegetables like kale, red beet, spinach and endive that can be harvested when needed.

Red kuri squash Winter endive


The winter is the quiet time to make plans for the next season, organize and order seeds, and trim the apple trees when the weather isn’t too bad. Next to the few winter vegetables, the stored squash, apples, walnuts and potatoes, we are enjoying our preserved garden products like jams and pickled or frozen vegetables during this time.

So quiet 3 Day Strawberry Preserves

At the end of the winter I am always looking forward to get the camera out and document another season in our garden.

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