Google+ for photographers

In September Google’s social network Google+ was released to the public after a beta phase of 3 months. Since then it has grown rapidly and has become popular among many photographers as a platform to showcase their work, network and share or find information. There is a lot of interaction going on and if you are looking for feedback and advice it is a great place to be.

Images can be uploaded and organized in albums, which are being displayed in a nice looking way. Individual photos are being displayed in the lightbox view, where people can comment on images, share them or like something by using the +1 button. An online image editor is also available for some basic edits and effects. While most photographers probably edit images before uploading, it is still good to have when uploading images directly from a mobile phone.

On Google+ other members are being added to circles, similar to following someone on Twitter or become friends on Facebook. One can have multiple circles to organize everyone, which can be useful if you want to share certain information only with a group of people, let’s say other photographers or your family. These circles of people can be shared with other and that’s one way to find new members that might be interesting to follow.

An extensive list of shared circles with plenty of photography related circles can be found in the Google+ Shared Circles spreadsheet (scroll down for the photography list).

Another place to find other Google+ members is Goup/As, where you can also add yourself to groups. Some groups worth mentioning are the Photoshelter User Group, Nikon and Canon user groups, and otherwise have a look at the various other photography groups. Similar lists are also being offered on

After the summer the Google+ photo community came up with a variety of different daily photo themes, which are a fun way to share and experience photography.  The most current list of Daily Photography Themes on Google+ can be found on Eric Leslie’s blog.

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