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  1. Is that the pancake 50mm 1.8 Ais?

    What prime lenses do you recommend for the tilt tranformer? Planning to get a GH1. Wouldn’t a wider focal length be better than the 50mm? considering the 2x crop factor?

  2. Try to get a lens – new or used – with an aperture ring. There is still a lot of choice on the market.

    If a wide focal length is better than the 50mm depends on your own taste and what you want to shoot. I like the 50mm on 35mm, so in that case one would have to go for a wide angle. Nikon has some nice old prime lenses from 20mm to 35mm in the price range of 250 – 500 EURO for a new lens. Sigma has some similar lenses as well in that category.

    Otherwise have a look at Philip Bloom’s blog post ‘Which lenses for your GH1/ GH2/ AF100/ AF101 etc…?

    The lens on the photo is a ca. 25 year old Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8. I also shot some photos with my Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 DC HSM which looked quiet nice.

  3. Can the tilt transformer be used as a regular nikon to micro adaptor? As in could the focus ring be locked into place so the nikon lens could be use without the lensbaby blur?

  4. You can lock it and if you lock it in the straight position there should not be the tilt/blur effect. But there is no aid to find the exact straight position, so it will never be as precise as a dedicated adapter. I indent to buy a regular Nikon to micro adapter if I go further with Micro Four Thirds. I wanted to buy the GH2 but as long as it doesn’t offer better 25P support I am not going to buy that camera.

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