Gardens of Normandy – part 2

After visiting the Park Of Nacqueville (Parc du Chateau de Nacqueville) we stayed in the Cotentin Peninsula and visited the Botanic Garden of the Château of Vauville 20 km west of Cherbourg close to the Atlantic ocean. The garden covers more than 4 ha surrounding a 17th century manor house and is famous for its large selection of palm trees and bamboo as well as many other tropical plants.

The next garden on our tour through Normandy was a public garden in Coutances, a commune in the Manche department with a well-known formal garden which is free to visit. The Jardin Des Plantes De Coutances (Alamy lightbox) dates back to the 17th century and displays a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Before leaving Normandy and visiting Brittany we visited one more garden, the Christian Dior Museum and Garden in Granville. The famous fashion designer Christian Dior (1905-1957) spent his childhood at the Belle Epoque style 19th century cliff-top villa Les Rhumbs that is overlooking the sea. The garden was arranged as an English landscape park by Madeleine Dior, the fashion designer’s mother.

Gardens of Normandy – part 1

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